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  • Crochet Planters and Hangers - 10 Free Crochet Pattern Link List

    Crochet Planters and Hangers

    Crochet Planters and Hangers – 10 free crochet pattern link list Here is the link list 100 with 10 free crochet planter and hanger patterns to brighten up your home and garden. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. All images are used with the permission…

  • Jute Hemp Crochet Coasters - free pattern

    Jute Hemp Crochet Coasters Free Pattern

    Jute Hemp Crochet Coasters Pattern by Crochet For You Hi, my friends, today’s free crochet pattern for quick and easy coasters made with jute hemp cord. 😀 If you first time crocheting with jute hemp, you probably feel a little bit different…

  • 5-Minute Crochet Snowflake - free crochet pattern

    5-Minute Crochet Snowflake Free Pattern

    5-Minute Crochet Snowflake Pattern by Crochet For You. This week before Christmas I thought to share easy snowflake pattern. Believe me, friends, this snowflake can make in 5 minutes. So I named it 5-Minute Crochet Snowflake. Also, this pattern requires less than…