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  • Nancy

    I absolutely LOVE your Bumble Bee Backpack! I’m making it for my 15 month old granddaughter for her trip to Japan with her mom and dad! I’m planning on filling it with crayons, coloring book, books, snacks etc. to keep her busy on the plane.
    I do have a couple of questions I hope you can help me out with.
    1. I’m using Lion Brand Cotton 24/7 and my bags dimensions are about 2 inches different than yours. do I need to make the bag with an acrylic worsted yarn? (I’m don’t think it should matter right nowsince Himari is still small. My question is more for future bumble bee bags)
    2. You list the gauge as 12hdc x 8 rows =4″ with I-9 hook but I don’t see any hdc stitches in the pattern. Am I missing something?
    3. As with the HDC, there’s also DC in the abbreviation section although again, I can’t seem to find any of those stitches. What am I missing?

    Would love to hear back from you at your earliest convenience since they are leaving early next month and I want to have this finished before then to give it to them.

    • Erangi Udeshika

      Hi Nancy,
      I’m so glad you like Bumble Bee Backpack and hope your little granddaughter will love it and enjoy her trip.
      Yes, I think it’ll be not given big different if you use acrylic worsted or any cotton blend yarn for this backpack pattern. Also you can make a bigger size bag holding two worsted yarns together.
      I made my 4″x 4″ swatch with HDC that’s why I included HDC in abbreviations section. DC in the abbreviation is a typo I will fix it and update.
      It seems like everyone will get confused about the HDC stitch count instead of SC on the gauge so I’ll update it with the SC, too. 🙂
      Thank you so much for letting me know about all of these errors and mistakes. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask again. I’m happy to help you any time.

      P.S I’m making another backpack right now and hope to publish the pattern very soon on the blog! 🙂

      Have a nice day!
      Erangi from Crochet For You.

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  • Janie Thompson

    I need help with your Crochet Crown ear warmer could you tell me how I find the 3 rd loop? round 2 I’m lost lol Thank you Janie

  • Andrea


    I’m making the Winter’s Cerise Crochet Fingerless Gloves and have a question. In part 1 for the cuff, if I increase the rows by 2 or 4 rows, does the stitch count for the first row in part 2 also need to be increased? This pattern seems to be for someone with small hands since the cuff is a little too short for me and the glove part is too small for my hand since the last row of the glove just comes up to my fist knuckles. I will need to add extra chain stitches in the cuff and extra rows in part 2 so the glove will come past my fist knuckles and come up to my finger knuckles. I’m using the same yarn and needle size. Any help you can give in adjusting this pattern would be great. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern and choosing the yarn. They are absolutely beautiful!


    • Erangi Udeshika

      Hi Andrea,
      Yes, you can adjust this pattern for larger or smaller sizes. To make it larger you need to increase the rows by 2 in part 1. And the first round of part 2 will automatically increase. As you said you can add more chains to the first row of part 1 to make long cuffs and repeat round 9 of part 2 to get the desired length to the gloves.

      I’m so glad you like my patterns and can’t wait to see the final result! 😀

  • Jennifer G

    Hi Udeshika,

    I love this pattern and started by crocheting one for me, and showing the pattern to some friends with whom I get together to craft. We would like to use your pattern to crochet a LOT of crowns and donate them to children with Cancer (“Crowns for Kids” kind of thing). I’d like your permission to use your pattern, and I promise to give you credit wherever I can. I would very much like it if you would email me with questions, comments, etc.

    Thank you,


    • Erangi Udeshika

      Hi Jennifer,
      First of all, I’m glad you like my patterns and I’m so sorry for the delay in replying.

      I’m so happy to be part of the donate. It’s a great idea and I appreciate it. You have my permission to use my patterns to make lots of projects. You can use my other patterns as well if you want.

      But please do not edit, distribute and republish patterns and images on my blog in part or whole. You can visit my Terms of Use page for more details.

  • Helen

    Adore the sear urchin pillow ,,,, and that gorgeous shade of blue!!!! This one will definitely be joining my collection of pillows. Thanks so much for sharing SMILE Helen

  • Elizabeth Carter

    I am a beginning crocheter and the tutorial about “How to crochet a hat in any size” looks very helpful. The problem is, I cannot stay online all the time in order to follow the directions, and there are three months during the year when the access I have for the internet is extremely limited. I would gladly pay for a printed copy of your directions. Or do you have any other suggestions for this?

    Thank you very much.

    • Erangi Udeshika

      You can get the copy on PrintFriendly. To find it go to the tutorial page and scroll down to get the share button. Click the last button (more options) of the row of share button then click on PrintFriendly, there you can get the PDF or Print the tutorial.

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