Crochet Flower Pot Hanging Basket - Review
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Crochet Flower Pot Hanging Free Crochet Pattern – Review

Flower Pot Hanging Free Crochet Pattern – Review

Crochet Flower Pot Hanging Basket - Review

Designer: Sarah Zimmerman
Pattern: Crochet Flower Pot Hanging Basket (click here to get the free crochet pattern)
Web site:

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One day we want to plant Orchid – Tolumnia yellow color flower because we had a small pot left. And she wanted to hang it up on our small mango tree 8 feet height. She asked me to make some holes around the pot for hanging it. At that moment I remembered Sarah at “Repeat Crafter Me” has a clever idea for flower pot hanging. That pattern I also included to my link list 72: Simple and Modern 10 Free Crochet Patterns for Home.

Crochet Flower Pot Hanging Basket - Review

I found some nylon cord left in our store room and made this Flower Pot Hanging Basket on Repeat Crafter Me. As you can see, the color of this nylon cord has faded here and there but it added a nice look to my hanging basket. I feel I was working with the self-striping yarn. My mother was really happy when she saw it. 🙂

For my flower pot hanging basket, I used nylon cord and J-10, 6mm crochet hook. Be careful when working with nylon, it can hurt your fingers so do not grab the cord tightly and try to crochet loosely.

This is a quick pattern can be finished in an hour. Sarah has added step by step photos with the pattern instruction. Lastly, I want to say I’m really happy with the final result and it is very useful crochet pattern you can try FREE for your garden. 😀

Flower Pot Hanging Free Crochet Pattern – Review

(PS) I’m really sorry I couldn’t measure the nylon cord before starting to crochet. Maybe 40-50 yards will enough for this. I was really excited to finish it and wanted to show my work to mother… Mom isn’t this good for hanging Tolumnia flower pot. 😀

Crochet Flower Pot Hanging Basket - Review

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