Crochet Tulip Stitch Blanket

Crochet Tulip Stitch Blanket Free Pattern

Crochet Tulip Stitch Blanket Pattern by Crochet For You

If you like easy to remember with one row repeating crochet patterns this blanket is for you. The self-striping yarn makes you feel more relaxed because no need to worry about changing colors.

Crochet Tulip Stitch Blanket

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Simple texture + self Striping yarn

This blanket made using tulip stitch. Crochet tulip stitch perfect for crocheting blankets. The reason why I love this stitch is it has a nice & simple texture, no holes and both sides have the same texture and easy to crochet with one row repeating. When you select self striping yarn you have more freedom to relax.
The yarn changes the colors itself so you only have to focus into the pattern you are working without worrying about changing colors. And also you can avoid lots of weaving ends.

How to Crochet Tulip Stitch

See How to Crochet Tulip Stitch with step by step photo tutorial

The yarn

This is a free size blanket so you can use any weight of yarn and the recommended crochet hook. Gauge is not very important.

I used Ice Yarn Cakes Baby Fine – Brown Shades to make this blanket. This yarn categorized as a #2-fine weight yarn, but I feel it more similar to #3 Light weight yarn so I used US H-8 / 5mm crochet hook.

Crochet Tulip Stitch

Crochet Tulip Stitch Blanket Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

Finished size: 30″ x 35″ (pattern can be adjusted to any size. – see the notes section)


Gauge is not very important for this project

Abbreviations (US term)

  • ch = chain
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • st = stitch
  • sk = skip
  • ch-() sp = chain- (number of chains) space
  • beg = beginning
  • * to ; = repeat * to the instructions.

Notes: the pattern can be adjusted to any size by crocheting multiple of 4+5 foundation chains. And repeat row 3 until your desired length. Follow the last row for finishing blanket and the border. When you finish, cut the yarn and weave the end.

Crochet Tulip Stitch Blanket

Multiple of 4 + 5 for foundation chains

Ch 121
Row 1: 3 dc in 5th chain from the hook, sk next ch 3, 1 sc in next ch, *ch 3, 3 dc in same ch, sk next ch 3, 1 sc in next st; repeat * to across, turn. 

Row 2: ch 4, 3 dc in first sc, sk next 3 dc, sc in next ch-3 sp, *ch 3, 3 dc in same sp, sk next 3 dc, sc in next ch-3 sp; repeat * to end, turn.

Row 3 to 68: repeat row 2.

Last rows for finishing
Row 69: ch 4, 3 dc in first st, sk next 3 dc, sc in next ch-3 sp, *(1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc) in same ch-3 sp, sk next 3 dc, sc in next ch-3 sp; repeat * to end.

Border: (crochet sc around the blanket)

Round 1: crochet sc around the blanket evenly. make sure to crochet 3 sc in each corner, sl st to the first st. (I crocheted 115 sc in 2 short sides and 139 sc in long 2 sides, 3 sc in each corner. (520 sc total around the blanket))

  • Crochet sc in each stitch of the last row of the blanket.
  • When you start crocheting on sides of the blanket, work 3 sc in each beg chain 4 and 1 sc in each sc, however, if it going to be tighter, you can add extra st in after 2 or 3 sts.
  • Crochet 3 sc in each chain-3 space and 1 sc in each chain-1 space of foundation chains side of the blanket.
  • And don’t forget to crochet 3 sc in each corner st.

Round 2 and 3: ch 1, sc in each st around while crocheting 3 sc in each corner sts, sl st to first st.

Round 4: *ch 3, sk next st, sl st to the next st; repeat * to around until last st. Fasten off and weave the ends.

Crochet Blanket

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  • Anne

    There is something wrong with this pattern, I am not a novice crochter.
    In the first row, the asterix needs to be here at the *sk next ch 3, 1 sc in next ch, *ch 3…), not at the *ch 3… as printed.
    There is no indication of what to do at the end of the 1st and subsequent rows that will give the “first sc” in Row 2 and the repeats.

    Please consider these comments and correct the pattern, Thank you.