10 free Crochet Patterns Using Bobble Popcorn Stitch

Link List 32: Crochet Patterns Using Bobble / Popcorn Stitch

10 Free Crochet Patterns Using Bobble / Popcorn Stitch.

Hi, and welcome to another link list collection. This time, I have extra tip and lessons with the free pattern using bobble / popcorn stitch. If you remember last link list collections I have done, there are lots of stitches and patterns with that specific stitch as well. Here are the links to

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After doing puff stitch link list, I received few questions from you who always willing to learn something new in crochet.

The question was what is the difference between puff stitch, popcorn stitch, and bobble stitch?.

Maybe you have the same question, too. Of course, you can find many videos and articles out there. But Tamara from Moogly, has great videos, written tutorials and I always learning something new from her and enjoy her works. Here are the links to puff, bobble and popcorn stitch video tutorial from Moogly.

Puff-Stitch-Cover - moogly
Puff stitch video and photo tutorial from Moogly
The-Bobble-Stitch-Video-Cap - moogly
Bobble Stitch video and written instruction from Moogly
Popcorn-Stitch-Capture - moogly
Popcorn Stitch video tutorial from Moogly








            Now it’s time to crochet these beautiful patterns using bobble/popcorn stitch. 

Please scroll down to see links to the free pattern.

All images are used with the permission of the Designers for this link list.

10 free Crochet Patterns Using Bobble Popcorn Stitch

  1. Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Bonnet – Moogly
  2. Polka Dots & Frills: Free Crochet Blanket Pattern – Daisy Cottage Designs
  3. Crochet Bobble Stitch Sheep Square – Repeat Crafter Me
  4. Whimsical Penelope’s Merry Go Round – Simply Collectible Crochet
  5. Blooming Flowers Free Crochet Tank Top – Cre8tion Crochet
  6. Popcorn Slippers – CrochetN’Crafts
  7. Popcorn Stitch Pacific Coasters – Raising Robertsons Crochet
  8. Spiraled Elegance Doily – 
  9. Popcorn Stitch Crochet Heart – PatternPiper Crochet
  10. Crochet Popcorn Flower – The Stitchin Mommy

50 Fabulous Crochet Bobbles, Popcorns and Puffs book from Leisure Arts

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Part of the fun of crocheting is finding and experimenting with new types of stitches. If you’ve never added texture to your crocheting, now is the time to learn how to add bobbles, popcorns and puffs to your work. This book from Rita Weiss is a collection of 50 fabulous stitches that you can use in many different ways — for afghans, for sweaters, for hats, for baby items — for anything you might want to crochet with your hooks.