Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket

Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket CAL

If you love a textured, floral blanket with fun and relaxing squares, you’ll love this Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket CAL. 

This blanket combines everything I love.

It’s textured, floral and the beautiful square blanket features my favorite bobble drop stitch

Recently I fell in love with bobbles.

The idea of making this blanket was in my mind since I designed Emerald Asscher Afghan square and Bobble Drops Granny Square. I love the new look and texture created from combining these two patterns. Making a blanket with newly designed squares was very exciting and 100% happy about the final result. I hope you will love the Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket too.

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Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket

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This blanket is made by joining lovely floral crochet squares together, which feature bobble drop stitches. Each square crocheted individually and joined together at the end. The blanket worked up with two colors. While I design this as a baby blanket, you can adjust the pattern to any size, throw to bedspread.

If you feel “oh.. I want to try this pattern”,
please scroll down to see, how it works, the materials you’ll need and how to customize the pattern size you want and how to join the CAL.  
Skill level

This is an intermediate level pattern and you’ll need to be comfortable with front post an bobble stitch.

Yarn and sizes

I’m using Ice Yarns Saver for this blanket. Ice Yarns Saver is 100% Dralon Acrylic, 200g and 330 meters. It is size #4 worsted weight yarn. I feel Saver is very, very soft and great for all kinds of blanket, afghans and more.

Saver comes in 2 skeins in one package so I ordered one pack of each color to make 32.5″ x 38.5″ size blanket. Make sure to buy all yarns amounts and yardage exactly you want before starting the project. Below you will find a chart for blanket sizes.

Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket CAL – Part 1
Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket

– Any #4 Medium / Worsted weight yarns
I used
2 skein of Ice Yarn Saver – Candy Pink (100% Dralon Acrylic,200g = 360 yds/330 m)
2 skein of Ice Yarn Saver – Light Beige (100% Dralon Acrylic,200g = 360 yds/330 m)
– US 1-9 (5.5mm) crochet hook
– Stitch markers and pins / blocking boards or towel
– Tapestry needle for weaving ends.

Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket
How many squares you’ll need?

Find your blanket size you wish to make from the chart below (width & length) and calculate the total squares you want.

  • If you select any other worsted weight yarns, remember the finished size of the square and blanket will differ, too.
  • Measure your first finished square and decide how many squares you will need for your blanket size.
  • I designed the square with Ice Yarns Saver and each square measures 7″ x 7″.
  • To make my blanket I used 20 squares.
  • If your finished square bigger or smaller, and it doesn’t get the same size 7″x 7″ listed in the pattern, the total squares and the yardage sometimes could be differ, too.
  • I added total yardage for all the squares and width & length in the chart below, this does not include the yarn for joining and the border part.
  • Each square requires Approx: 25 yards from accent color and Approx: 35 yards from the background color. 60 total yards for each square
  • Add 2″ more for each side of the blanket to get the finished size including border part.
  • And make sure to buy enough yarns including border part. That’s mean you’ll need to add more yardage to the total yardage in the chart below.
WidthLengthTotal squares
(7″x 7″ size)
Toddler 42″49″422520
When the CAL start?

CAL has 4 parts going to live in the next 4 weeks. Each part will be published as a free pattern on here at www.crochetforyoublog.com Every Tuesday from next 28, Spt to 19, Oct, I will share each part with lots of step by step photos and video tutorials.

Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket CAL – Part 1
Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket CAL – Part 2
Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket CAL – Part 3
Floral Garden Granny Square Blanket CAL – Part 4

Come and join with us! And don’t forget to tell your crochet lover friends.

Hope to see you soon with a new FREE pattern 
Until then, Happy Crocheting!!
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